Bitsy's Harvest Party

[ages 4-10]

Bitsy Spider wants to have everyone over to her new pumpkin house for a good ol' fashioned harvest party. Unfortunately, everyone has their own ideas about what makes a party special. Bitsy is only one spider and she knows she is not good at cooking, decorating, creating party games, or playing music. Will the party ever be able to happen?

Broadman & Holman

My Happy Heart

[ages 4-8]

A delightful story of a little boy whose heart is overflowing with love. He has an unusual but delightful problem. He has made an "I Love You" card but now must determine who to give it to. As he encounters all the people who are dear to him throughout his day, he knows he loves them all and could give them his card, but he still holds on to it. At the end of the day, he still has his card, although it is now a little worn, and he decides to give it to the one he loves most...

Broadman and Holman

When the Creepy Things Come Out

[ages 4-8 ]

Ha! I laugh. Nothing can scare me! But, what was that? Something's knocking, rocking, just unlocking what could it be? I hear growling, howling, something yowling I can't see! What's begun is all in fun, but just beware of what's out there! I'm trying in a fun way to show you what to do when you're feeling just a little frightened by your own shadow. All you have to remember is that God is in those shadows, behind the masks, and always there whether the light's on or off. You can have fun because He's with you always!

28 pgs

Broadman & Holman

The Easterville Miracle

[ages 4-8]

Just as a little boy named Sam and an old man named Henry remind the town of Easterville, best-selling author Melody Carlson reminds us as well that the true meaning of Easter is not Easter bonnets, baskets, colored eggs, candy, or decorations. It is the glorious story of a cross on a hill and an empty tomb, and the wonderful news of forgiveness that the Easter story brings us.

32 pages

Broadman & Holman

How God Decorates Heaven for Christmas

[ages 4-8]

Ron Mehl and Melody Carlson Illustrated by Lynn Bredeson God has a flair for decorating, especially at Christmas. He started by awakening the shepherds with a brilliant sky and a host of singing angels - but how does He make it look up where He lives? Join Ron Mehl and Melody Carlson for a wondrous tour through heaven at Christmas...and find out what God really likes to have to make His celebration complete. About Ron Mehl Ron Mehl, the beloved pastor of a large congregation in Beaverton, Oregon, battled leukemia for more than twenty years until his death in May 2003. His books include the Gold Medallion winners God Works the Night Shift and Just in Case I Can't Be There. His last book, Right with God, was the 2003 National Day of Prayer theme

Multnomah Books

The Wonder of Christmas Family Advent Journey

Gather your family for a journey to the true meaning of Christmas. Along the way you'll unwrap the many layers of God's wondrous gift and discover afresh His saving love. Thirty-one captivating readings, written just for kids, Share the full Christmas story from Creation to Christ's return. And you can help reinforce the truths they'll learn by discussing the questions at the end of each reading.